Naked and Afraid

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I've been watching this show on Discovery called Naked and Afraid with my wife. It's the PERFECT example of Red Pill at work. 

Basically, the producers take a man and a women, get them naked, and leave them in <wilderness location> for 21 days. They have to survive, and then make it to their extraction point. They've done Tanzanian Sergengeti, Costa Rican Jungle, Panama, an Island, and the Louisiana swamp. In the groups, the division of labor is immediate. In every episode except Tanzania, the woman actually ends up taking charge as the men DLV. Like crazy. Whining, complaining. One guy is worthless for about a week with a sunburn. Another guy drank bad water because he couldn't wait and actually had to quit. 

The only guy that actually performs well is the Tanzania guy. He takes charge immediately, respects his partner and her input (for the most part), doesn't get incapacitated, and leads. She trusts him to lead because he shows competence. Each person takes on their own role to be a functional group. This team actually did really well. My wife and I have had several conversations and wanting to be more like Tanzania Guy is something we agreed on. She even called out the DLV on some of the supposedly "manly" men.

Any of you seen this? Thoughts?

How would you fare? I think this show really tells us what our human ancestors priorities in mate selection would be.


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