FUN POLL: What's something you learned about the opposite gender here on the forum?

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Lots of heavy topics and discussions lately, so in lieu of Viking pics, I thought I'd start a poll of the silly, 'holy crap I didn't know that!' surprising stuff you've learned here about the other gender.

Here's a few of mine:
  • Guys pay far more attention to clothes than I ever imagined. Long hair I already knew about. Not clothes.
  • At the same time, after a few seconds they are mentally removing said clothing. I always feel the urge to cover myself whenever I remember that particular comment from @Ben.
  • Facials are not a jokey porn scene, but the epitome of loving acceptance of a man and his essence, his sperm. Learning this caused one of the most emotional, loving events in our four year relationship. Thanks again to @Linanati's husband for distilling tons of helpful comments down into something beautiful, and to her for sharing it.
  • Men really do love the little oddities and flaws that we so badly want to hide - freckles, red hair, tan skin, pale skin, that little mole you know where, pink nipples, brown nipples, large boobs, small boobs, that little birthmark on her hip.
  • A little peek of forbidden boob is even better than a full on flash.
  • Headlights - good. I will never get used to this one.
  • Most men love the taste and smell of a clean, healthy woman. (Telling her this is beyond hot.)
  • Men truly are only a whisper away from some kind of sexual thought almost 99% of the time. The biggest laugh I can get out of Cdr. Awesome is thinking of a sexual innuendo that he hasn't.
  • Men really do like feeling that they are protecting you. I always thought I was being helpful by not bothering him, trying to handle stuff on my own.
I'm sure I'll think of seventy-leven more as soon as I hit post. What are yours?

OK, OK ... just for @horseman:

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