Side effects may include:

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Born Tuesday:  Baby x1134x / @Hygenius 7 lbs 11 oz born via Cesarean Section.  (name too unique to divulge - our last name is very common.  A common first name would make him "John Smith"  I'll PM it to anyone interested.)  

Baby is 100% healthy, mom is recovering well.  Dad is shot.  Delirium tired.  You might not see me around here for a while. . .

Thanks @Athol_Kay.

Seriously.  Thank you.  I haven't cried happy tears in decades.  Thank you.  You didn't just help me fix my sex life.  You helped me fix my life.

Most women unwittingly ruin the sex as a reward by being so shitty in bed during the sex, that it becomes a form of punishment rather than a reward. - Athol Kay.
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