Guys, learn to dance!

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Some of the best advice I could give my nephews as teenagers, comes from all my years as DJ in radio and clubs. Recently they have messaged me, now in their mid 20's, to tell me how great that advice has worked for them. 

LEARN TO DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!   

I know it seems so simple, but it really is an easy way to achieve high value in a public setting and stand out, get more IOI's and get further out in front of the competition with such little effort. 

I can't tell you how many times, I have seen men of lessor physical stature and looks, snag far higher value women by just being "willing" to dance. 

Notice I didn't say you really had to know how to dance. Just be "willing" to dance. You may think you have two left feet or don't know all the latest dance floor moves, but that isn't really required to be honest. 

All you have to do, is be willing to move! In fact,instead of trying to copy and match the steps of a dance, throw that out of your mind and just "feel" the bass and moving with it, however you like! Don't get caught up trying to match the moves but instead create your own and don't "think". Just "feel"

Like the music is a wave and you are surfing it or it's electricity and moving through your body smoothly and to the beat. (aka bass) 

Too many guys get caught up "thinking" about what they are doing, when you should really not think at all. It's more like fucking, to be honest. You don't think about what your hips do when you fuck, you just feel and do. Same with dancing. Don't over think it. 

The reason this is a easy way to raise your value in public is because most guys don't dance. They are too afraid of looking like a fool and never even attempt it. They are happy to sit on the sidelines and watch, as all the girls jump around the dance floor. 

Also, have fun with it! Be bigger than life! Make your presence on the dance floor known regardless how well or not you dance. Be the life of the party.
Imagine its Animal House and you are Jim Belushi or it's prom and you are Jeff Spicoli. 

The thing is, like Cyndi Lauper said, Girls just want to have fun, in these type settings, and if you are just dancing/jumping around without a care in the world and having fun, boom son!! I promise you will get attention!!

There is plenty of things I am clueless on regarding relationships and women, but this one I can be certain of. Dance = ladies = fun = happy happy happy


This should get you started...

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