For Women, Initiating Sex is like Beta for Men

LinanatiLinanati Posts: 1,606Member

A man fantasizes about his woman initiating sex.  He tells her it would make him feel loved and desired if she did.  She has to do it exactly the way he's pictured it in his head though.  Doing a striptease and saying, "I'm your dirty slut!  Please fuck your filthy whore!" may not count as initiation.  She may have to grab hold of his cock, put her mouth on it and moan while sucking and licking, then take his hand, lead him to the bedroom, push him down on the bed, straddle him, and lower her pussy onto his dick, all while moaning, panting, and begging for his cum. 

If any of the steps is missing, it isn't an initiation.  The steps may vary by man, but the woman should instinctively know which variation her man desires.  If she can find the right variation and do it frequently, he believes he will be the happiest man on earth.  In reality, while doing this occasionally will provide a huge boost to his ego and increase his attraction and love for her, too much has a very negative effect.  Too much female initiation makes him a lazy, uninspired lover who doesn't appreciate what she does for him.  It's like salt.  A little goes a long way, but too much ruins the dish.

Now how much of that sounds exactly like the situation when women demand more and more beta, and men give it to them?



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