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Last week, we had a good discussion on vasectomy.  In one comment, @GumbyMan related his experiences with lecithin supplements:
* I had a Vas 12 years ago.
* I have never had any pain associated with it.
* I never noticed a drop in ejaculation amount.
However, now as I get older, I have noticed a drop in libido and in ejaculate volume - but as it has been so long I doubt that it is from Vas - I have started taking Lecithin as a supplement and I have noticed at least doubling amount of sperm [semen] and orgasms feel a lot better.  Link to WebMD forum.
I have also been taking some testosterone/Libido supplements, so I am not sure which is causing the most benefit (not very scientific as I started both at about the same time, but who cares... the orgasms are much more intense and pleasurable!)
At that link, back in 2009, betweenthesheets had written:
You can increase the amount of semen you ejaculate [with] Lecithin, or Soya Lecithin (same thing)... I don't take them all the time, rather, I start the day before I know we're going to have sex. You pretty much have to mega-dose them, that is, take 3-4-5 capsules about 4 times a day. After only 2 days... I ejaculate almost twice as much as without them. Plus, my semen is whiter and thicker, and Heather says it tastes milder and sweeter... it gets to be sort of a pain swallowing 4-5 of those huge gelcaps 4 times a day, so I only do it on weekends or special occasions... my orgasms feel especially good when I take the Lecithin...
My own vasectomy was 12 years ago.  I noticed a decline in ejaculate volume by about half, and a corresponding modest lessening of the physical pleasure of orgasming.  This effect was gradual, and I honestly don't know whether or not the vasectomy contributed to it.  After all, this is commonly associated with aging into one's 50s, even 40s (I'm mid-fifties now).  There's also a tradeoff here:  overexcitement leading to premature ejaculation was a worry of mine in my twenties and thirties, and that's completely in the past.  Now, I can perform for as long as I wish; I have to add fantasy thoughts to physical stimulation in order to come.  This should help me be a better lover for the slow-to-excite Mrs. mgwk.  Theoretically... but that's a relationship story I'll save for another time...

So -- the experiment:

$8 at the local supermarket got me a bottle of Schiff 21 Grain Lecithin, 100 softgel caps.  I'm on day 6 of taking 5 caps on waking, 5 at lunch, and 5 at bedtime.  That's three doses of 6,800 mg of lecithin, or 20 grams per day.

Thus far:  no effect.  I don't notice any increase or any decrease in volume, or any corresponding changes in sensation.  As to mildness and sweetness -- hmmm, I'll have to work on completing that part of the report.  ;-)

On to the next idea...


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